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There are numerous first-class restaurants, folk-style taverns, snack-bars and cafeterias scattered all over the resort and along the coastline where everyone can have a meal at reasonable prices. Meals and specialities of the traditional national cuisine as well as of the European and exotic cuisine are served. The rich assortment of Bulgarian red and white wines and brandies is a refreshing addition to the menu.

Bulgarian food is close to the traditional European cuisine. Traditional Bulgarian menu includes bread, yogurt and fresh milk, cheese, tomatoes, paprika, potatoes, onions, beans and fruits, brandy and red or white wine.

Some typical Bulgarian specialties and meals:

  • Shkembe chorba - traditional Bulgarian dish, prepared from cooked finecut veal, pork and lamb tripe and than settled with yoghourt, cayenne pepper, garlic and vinegar. Serve hot!
  • Shopska salad - prepared from diced tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, green peppers, topped with feta cheese and seasoned with olive oil and parsley
  • Mlechna salad - prepared from strained yogurt seasoned with olives, crashed walnuts, finely diced garlic and parsley
  • Tarator - cold served soup from yogurt, fresh cucumbers, seasoned with walnuts, garlic and dill
  • Sirene po Shopski - feta cheese, diced tomatoes and onion topped with egg and cooked in pottery
  • Kebapche - minced meat rolls seasoned with traditional spices and fine herbs and barbequed
  • Kuyfte - minced meat balls seasoned with traditional spices and fine herbs and barbequed
  • Shish Kebab - grilled skewered meat, onion and paprika
  • Banitsa - baked pumpkin pastry filled with cheese or meet
  • Creme Caramel - delicious dessert prepared from fresh milk, eggs and caramelized sugar, similar to the classic French creme brulee
  • Restaurants: Wide variety of cuisines is offered. Along with traditional Bulgarian dishes, many restaurants offer Italian, French, Greek, Chinese, German, Arabian, Hungarian, Latin American, Indian and Russian food.
  • Drinks and prices: You can buy alcohol from any local store or pavilion on the street. Some of them work 24 hours.

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