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The Ethnographic Museum

  The Ethnographic museum was opened in 1974 in a restorated house from the National Revival period, built around 1860. Due to the initiative of Maria Nikolova - ethnographer, Assen Stoychev - artist and Kamen Goranov - architect, the creation of the exposition was possible. The museum reflects the rich material and cultural heritage of the local population during the second half of the XIX and the beginning of the XX century - catering, crafts, clothes, jewellery, ritual bread, "survachki" (special colour folded sticks, decorated with pop-corns, candies, ribbons, used by children on the first day of the New Year to tap neighbours on the back, wishing them good health, happiness, success in the new year)...

  The national customs - Christmas, Kamili(Camels), Petlyovden (Cock's day), Lazaruvane, wedding are presented in a rather interesting way. A special corner is preserved for a luxurious city home from the end of the XIX and the beginning of the XX century - a vestibule, drawing room, bedroom, kitchen. The amazing tour ends with a story about the commercial life of old Varna and a panoramic view of the town. The Ethnographic museum is a perfect place for temporary topical exhibitions.

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