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The Natural History Museum

  The Natural History Museum studies and makes popular the variety of species in the Black sea and along the Black sea coast. The museum display consists of three sections: Geology, Vegetation and Animal kingdom. The first section deals with the formation and structure of the Earth, the origin and development of life on it. There are Mesozoic and Tertiary fossils, representing the fauna during those geological periods. Samples of ores and minerals give idea of the metalliferous and non-metalliferous minerals of Northeastern Bulgaria. In the second section one can see the basic vegetation groups along the Black sea coast: seaweeds, plants in the salt soil and sand, dense forest, etc. The animal life is represented by vertebrates and invertebrates - from unicellular to mammals. In terms of science the display is organised on the principle of evolution and provokes the discussion about various natural and scientific matters.The museum is located in the sea garden by the coast, just opposite the Palace of Culture and Sport.

Varna Terrarium

  Varna Terrarium has one of the most diverse collections in Bulgaria - more than 40 different kinds of exotic animals from all over the world and many interesting and rare Bulgarian species. The display includes both vertebrates (10 kinds) and invertebrates (more than 30 kinds):

  • spiders
  • scorpions
  • crustacea
  • insects
  • fishes
  • amphibans
  • reptiles
  • small mammals

  The animals are dispayed in glass terraria, aquaterraria and aquaria, in an environment similar to their natural one. The picture is enriched by 30 colour photos of animals, taken in the wilderness. The display works throughout the whole year and is dynamic - every 2 months part of the species are replaced and new ones are brought in.

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