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Varna Railway Station

An ardent lover of rail travel, King Boris III inaugurated the beautiful Varna Railway Station buidling on 3 March 1925. Its history actually began back in 1866, when the location was the starting poing for the Varna - Ruse line, the first railway in Bulgaria. THe elegant building, designed by architect Nikola Kostov, is crowned with a clock tower that is equipped with timepiece made by German company Pittel-Brausewatter. In 1930s, the station square was decorated with exotic plants and palm trees. The building was restored and redecorated a year ago, and now has a modern passenger services hall. In September, it was a stop along the route of the famous Orient Express, which also visited the city at the end of the 19th Century. The Varna Railway Station also has a twin: the Burgas Railway Station was built on the same architectural plans.

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