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The inhalations are also efficiently introduced. The oxygen concentrator is a facility, which allows the inhaling of air enriched in oxygen, by the Ardennes’s method. The esthetic body therapies include pressotherapy and body shaping based on passive electric muscle stimulation, which assists sliming and weight loss, combats cellulite, lowers limb tension and tissue liquid retention. The massage couches are adjustable, have breathing openings and flexible sections. The up-to-date equipped and furnished beauty studio offers a great variety of cosmetic therapies, including myolifting - an efficient therapy to improve muscle tone and prevent skin ageing and wrinkles. The hairdresser’s and manicure and pedicure studio are also equipped on excellent technique level. Last, but not least, the excellent team of specialists working at the Spa Centre makes the Helios Spa and Resort a dreamland of recreational vacation, an oasis of health, beauty and confidence. The programs developed in the center cover a wide spectrum of diversity, from the classic “Balneology”, “Anti-Stress” and “Anti-Rheumatic”, through “Body Sliming”, “Top to Toe Beauty” and reaching to exclusive body thalassotherapies, using products based on French micronised seaweeds from ecologically clean regions.

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