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Ethnographic complex Chiflika

Complex Chiflika is located thirteen kilometers away from the Albena tourist complex, in the Batova area. Chiflika's unique architecture and museum collection of authentic findings, related to the traditions of the Bulgarian country-people, take us back to the atmosphere of the Bulgarian village at the beginning of the 20th century. Having a picnic in the complex can make everyone feel close to nature, to old times, to the spirit of Dobroudja valley, to the simple and open-minded soul of the Bulgarian country-people from the past.

Tourists can also enjoy the hospitality, taste some cold grape brandy, delicious Bulgarian dishes and sparkling wine. The irresistible attractions can make everyone feel closer to the Bulgarian folklore, take part in a traditional Bulgarian wedding or other popular celebrations and get to know the mentality and the traditions of the Bulgarians from old days. This can all turn your visit in the complex into a unique experience.

Weekly Ecotour program.
This program include seven unforgettable days spend in the Bulgarian nature and with the spirit of the Bulgarian village. The program consist of "Picnic - Safari" , "The Craftsman's Day, Sea picnic and many other services.
One week Eco (horse) excursions.
The excursion is suitable for tourists of all ages and ability of horse riding. This ecoprogram is based on our experience in 1997 - 1998 in horse tourism.

Hotel "The Monastery" Chukurovo was opened in 1999 as an addition to the complex. The hotel offers 2 floor building connected by a covered gallery , 40 beds. Each room has its own lavatory.
Services : Room service, Reustaurant - 140 seats, Fax, Games in the open, Parking, Vehicle excursions, Eco (pedestrian) excursions, Taxi, Horse ridding.
The complex offers self-contained village houses - two rooms, a kitchen and a lavatory.

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