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Времето, Варна


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The Bulgarian activities

Adventure Travel

Adventure tours and eco-tourism are rapidly developing types of travel in Bulgaria. The mountains and nature of Bulgaria present perfect conditions for a full range of adventure tourism. The diverse landforms, favorable climate, and lack of large predators and dangerous sea animals, make Bulgaria ideal for adventure lovers all year round. The various difficulty levels walking Fours (up to 15 days) in the Rila, Pirin, and Stara Planina Mountains are popular in the summer. Some programs include tent camping, and the baggage is transported with mules. Horseback or biking trips are organized in Stara Planina, Strandzha and the Rhodopes Mountains. The most suitable areas for snowshoes and cross-country trips are the Rila, Rhodopes and Vitosha Mountains. Having an experienced guide is critical - both to ensure safety in rugged areas the traveler is not familiar with and to enhance enjoyment by being able to share the experience with a knowledgeable local. Out-of-track snowboarding, snowshoeing, ski-mountaineering, heliskiing, cave visits, rock climbing, deltaplane, paraplane, and multi-sport activities are available as well. Rafting, canoeing, and kayaking are organized on the rivers of Struma, Arda, Mesta, Vit, lantra, and some parts of the Danube. Those who spend their vacations on the Black Sea can practice a variety of sports - sea kayak, snorkeling or scuba diving, water skiing, windsurfing, and sailing. Nature lovers and those who wish to quietly appreciate the beauty of Bulgaria can enjoy many other types of entertainment, including bird watching (Madzharovo, Atanasovo Lake, and Srebarna); botanic searches (orchids, and Haberlea rhodopensis); photo safari in the hunting reserves (Voden, Kormisosh, and Dikchan); brown bear and red deer watching; or geology tours in the regions of Belogradchishki Skali, Ritlite, Pobitite Kamuni, Vratza, Melnik, and Stob.

Eco-trails - new, environmentally friendly opportunities to enjoy the natural beauty of Bulgaria

There are natural wonders not only in Bulgaria, but in the neighboring coun­tries as well. However, what makes Bulgaria special is its enormous natural and biological diversity, concentrated on a small area and within short traveling distances. The almost rectangular territory of 111 000 sq. km. represents one of the most important geographical nodes. This characteristic is reflected in the planned and partially built 7 specialized walking trails, defined as eco-trails. Trail planning for the Eco-trails rests on scientific concepts and on a set of rules and criteria designed to protect the environment, while optimizing opportunities to enjoy it. A nation-wide program in the sphere of ecological tourism has recently been launched. It is called "Bulgarian Eco-trails" and it aims at disclosing previously inaccessible natural beauties and at establishing a network of eco-trails. The completed Negovanka and Krushuna eco-trails are situated in the flatland and hilly regions of the country. They are located respectively in the unique canyon of the Negovanka River, the Drianovo River, and in the Krushuna limestone cascade. The Trun and Vratza eco-trails run through the mountainous regions of the country. The South Rhodopes and Kopren eco-trails are situated at even higher altitudes - up to 1 500 m above sea level. They pass waterfalls and cascades, picturesque underground and uncovered rock formations, and a rich variety of plant species. The eco-trail distances range from a few-hours walk to a two-day hike, so that children and elderly people may also enjoy them. Trails offers sites designed for breaks and picnics and overlook platforms.

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