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  Balchik is a small seaside town in Northern Bulgaria which combines the romance of its steep streets with the beauty of the sea. For a long time it has been known as the White Town for the mainly white colour of its lime rocks.
  Balchik has a 21 centuries history and has preserved traces of many cultures. All that can be seen in the Historical museum situated in the town centre.
  City historical museum - Balchik situated on the central square of the town preserves many valuable memorials of the material culture, monuments of the Thracian-Roman age , numerous exhibits - fragments from ceramics, tools and adornments, showing the life during the Second Bulgarian State, numerous precious relics representing the faith against the occupation of Chokoi Rumania.
  Ethnographic museum - Balchik, representing with its exhibition (finery and rooms from urban and village type, museum exhibition on the subject "Crafts in the region of Balchik"), life style of the city since ancient times. As a plan and architecture type it represents restoration of the house of Atanas Shterev - dealer of wheat.
  Revival complex - Balchik, includes the Mutual school and the church St. Nikolay. At the Mutual school central place occupies the exhibition The revival in Balchik. At the church St. Nikolay whose patron protects sailors and fishers is established an exhibition of icons. Wonderful acoustic gives opportunity for music synchronization of the exhibition and concerts of chamber choruses.



  Apart from the main stream of the tourists visiting Bulgaria and by all means not very known to the world, Balchik was preserved until today in its own multicultural authenticity. In this small town and in the region are living peacefully people whose ancestors are (in order of settling) ancient Greeks, Bulgarians, Turks, Tatars, Romanians. After the Balkan War in 1913 it was included in the territories of Romania. Struck by the natural beauty of the place Queen Maria built a palace and a botanical garden, a chapel and a villa complex for the Romanian aristocrats. The town turned into a luxurious resort at that time. After 1940 Balchik was again included in Bulgarian territory. The town has many historic and natural attractions, narrow beach strips, hotels, camping grounds. The botanical garden is the second in Europe by it's uniqueness, after the botanical garden in Monaco.
  Apart from the palace, the palace complex and the botanical garden - the biggest and most diverse in the Balkans, the town is attractive to tourists with its ancient atmosphere that has been preserved for centuries now. It is interesting to walk along and observe the Tatar Quarter with the pebbled streets and the houses made of stone and adobe. The old palace - built in 1924-1931 by the request of the Romanian queen Maria. The authors of the construction design are Italian architects.


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