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Wetterbericht, Varna


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Kavarna is a small port town which has a broad outlet on the Black Sea to the Eastern and Southern sides. The coast is varied and there are cliffs combined with beaches and abrasive formations such as caves, fissures, etc. The area lacks surface running water and irrigation is most valuable. There is a steep cape called Kaliakra near the town, famous for the romantic legend about forty maidens committing suicide in the name of Christianity. It is also famous for the caves - once the habitat of the extremely rare Black Sea monk seal.

Kavarna is one of the ancient towns on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. First it was situated nearer to the sea but after an eartquake in I c. B.C. the old town Byzone has been partly drawned into the sea and later, in Roman times, it was rebuilt at a new place, 3 km inland. During the times of the First and Second Bulgarian Kingdom it was the administrative centre of Dobrudja. There are materials in the city’s historical museum, which prove the very long history of the town. There are archeological treasures from ancient times until Renaissance and ethnographic materials – clothes, jewels and others.

Nowadays Kavarna is a municipality, a center of a rich agricultural district, which develops market-gardening, vine-growing, fruit-growing and grain-growing. The city is situated 2 km away from the sea, at the and of the high Dobrudja plateau. The resort part of the city with the charming name “The valley of angles” differentiated around the gulf, formed by a tiny river. The rocks and the whole shore is exceptionally picturesque.

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