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The Bulgarian nature

Mountains and Lands from Heaven

The Beauty of the Bulgarian mountains is a constant reminder that Bulgaria is "Heaven on Earth". They occupy almost 1/3 of the country. They are relatively accessible and easy to travel through. Each mountain range is unique. The Rila, Pirin and Rhodopes Mountains are close and well acquainted neighbors, yet are unique and offer varied wonders and experiences. The highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula - Musala in Rila (2925 m) - and the dark and awesome Rila Mountain ridges are quite unlike the marble-white Pirin and the gorgeous canyons of the Rhodopes. The soft forms of the boundless Rhodopes covered with pinewoods contrast with the diverse Stara Planina (Balkan Mountains) - from the high western range to the soft eastern hills that sink into the sea. The Stara Planina beech woods and grassy mountaintops are unlike those in the Sredna Gora and Strandzha Mountains. The relatively large number of chalets, mountain resorts and hotels, trail markings (over 30 000 km marked trails) and skilled mountain rescue service allow for mountain hiking all year round.

The fertile Danube plain and the Trakia lowland are the largest flat-land areas. Among the greatest riches of Bulgaria are the picturesque valleys at the feet of the mountains, the tender Black Sea shore with its fine sea sand, and the medicinal mineral springs throughout the country. There are more than 600 natural springs and over 370 drilled springs, some of which rival the waters of world-famous balneotherapy mudcure establishments. There are unique natural sites offering a variety of forms: rock phenomena (rock natural bridges, Karst precipices, and rock pyramids), caverns (more than 2000), and waterfalls.

Biological diversity

Vegetation in Bulgaria is quite diverse (all ecological groups are present) and it represents a complex of boreal, central European, steppe, arctic, alpine, Balkan and local plants. There are 4200 higher vegetal species (over 9000 lower vegetal species), of which 250 are medicinal, over 150 are endemic and many are relic plants. The boundary between the central European and Mediterranean land fauna passes through the country. There are about 56 000 animal species in Bulgaria; 120 are endemic and there are over 400 bird species. The best preserved and spectacular part of Bulgarian nature is included in the system of natural protected reserves. There are 3 national parks, 9 natural reserves, 90 reserves, and 2234 natural sites. The Pirin National Park and the Srebarna Lake (the dwelling place of protected migratory bird species) are on the UNESCO world natural and cultural heritage list. Some 75% of the birds inhabiting the European continent can be found in Bulgaria - two of the worlds migratory bird ways cross the country - Via Pontica and Via Aristotelis. Bulgaria actively participates in the Ramsar Convention, mainly with its water bird dwelling places: the lakes of Srebarna, Atanasovsko, Durankulak, and Arkutino (part of the Ropotamo reserve).

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