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Zlatni Piasaci nature park

The forests in the Zlatni Piasatsi Nature Park follow the coastal line, surround the famous resort Golden Sands and link with the garland of defence and resort forests around the city of Varna. Forests cover 90% of the area of Zlatni Piasatsi Nature Park. The lay is hilly, with typical land sliding, terrace-like character. The highest spot in the park is called Chiplak tepe (269.3 m). Lovers of extreme tourism are given the chance to reach the sea climbing up steep hills followed by deep dry ravines. The park covers an area of 1,320.7 hectares, with average length of 9.2 km and average width of 1.2 km.

The historical and cultural heritage of the territory of the park dates back to late Medieval times, which defines its significance and attracts the interest of many Bulgarian and foreign tourists. Not far away from the sea shore in the southwest part of the park is situated the medieval lime stone monastery – Aladja Monastery. It was built in 13th and 14th centuries and was named by the local population “aladja” – meaning colourful.
This name comes from the rock it is dug into. Even nowadays the visitors at the foot of the monastery’s remnants can enjoy the wonderful sight as a result of the sunlight playing over the lime rock.

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