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Bulgaria's third city is an important communication canter with road, rail, sea and air transport links to many national and international destinations. Not that this is all Varna has to offer. The town has a wide deversity of museums and exhibits to visit while the surrounding areas contain many resorts and areas of natural interest.
Opera, symphony and chamber music, predominate for the early part of the Varnensko Lyato from mid-June to mid-Jly followed by the Jazz Festival of early August and closing with the late August International Film Festival.

Organised by and centred within the Festival Complex, full advantage is also taken of the nearby Leten Teater (Summer Theatre) in the Sea Garden to stage events outdoors. The open air theatre is also continuosly in use for a wide variety of other performances from ballet to rock and pop concerts as well as major events outside the summer festival. Varna's main cultural canter, however, is the Theatre and Opera House near the canter of the town.
Varna is an important part having shipyards and a naval academy as well as being a base for the Black Sea Fleet. The Palace of Sport and Culture, may occasionally also host festival events while other entertainment include numerous Discos, Cinema and a Puppet Theatre.

Through its international airport Varna and Golden Sands resort is connected by air with Sofia and by charter flights with many European cities.
There can be found the Naval Museum tracing Black Sea and Danube sea trade and power and including the Museum-Ship Druzki.
Also within the park are the Natural History Museum and an Aquarium, introducing the plant and animal life of the coast, as well as a Dolphinarium and a small Zoo.

The Museums of the Revival Movement is housed in the former church and school of Archangel Michail dating from the 1860's. A short distance further south, the City History Museum depicts the development of Varna into the city it is today with exhibits and pictures from this century.
Artifacts from excavations at ancient and medieval sites that can be seen in the region are among the exhibits at the Museum of History and Art. Housed in a former school, the complex is large enough to maintain a comprehensive collection for most periods up to the nineteen century. Gold jewelry found at a 6000 year old otherwise neolithic necropolis discovered just outside the city in the early 1970's suggests the early, independent development of metalworking technologies in this region.

   *Varna Theatre

Other displays include third century BC Greek items, through the Roman period to mediaeval Bulgarian weapons. Displays of mediaeval armour can be seen in a small museum within a Thracian barrow in the Park of Fighting Friendship dedicated to the 1444 Batle of Varna. The City Art Gallery displays permanent and temporary collections as well as winning entries to the biennial Varna Graphics competition. The Nikolai Kopernik Planetarium may also be visited.
There are a number of Roman sites around the town including the Round Tower and Fortress Wall, the fourth century Baths and the second century Thermae leading towards today's port. The 1880 Old Clock Tower in the City Garden is considered a symbol of the town.
Religious houses from various periods include the Virgin Mary Cathedral, the Cathedral of the Assumption, the Armenian Church, and the churches of St.Nikola, St. Bogoroditsa and St. Atanas.


   The City clock tower

Varna Museums

*Varna Museum of Archeology -this season: exposition of the Trachian Treasure  
*Bulgarian culture tour


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   *Varna Railway Station

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