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The Mimosa Wellness Center is furnished with state-of-the-art facilities and offers various programs, such as:

* Mud application under the new APS method for treatment of articulation, muscular, gynecological diseases.
* Electrotherapy with ultrasound, magnet, electrophoresis and interference currents, suitable for arthroses, coxarthroses, lumbago, tendovaginitis, neuralgia and other muscular, articulation and locomotory diseases.
* Wellness and kinezitherapy – water-jet baths, baths with sea weeds, chocolate and wine grapes, for slimming and anti-cellulite, baths with herbs and essential oils.
* Special Bath “Cleopatra” with milk.
* Slimming, relaxing and refreshing thalasso masks for the whole body and face, mask for heavy and tired feet.
* Special therapy with the Morocco’s clay mask “Marrakech”.
* Firming and slimming masks for face and body with chocolate and wine grapes.
* Hot stone massage for face and body.
* Anti-cellulite masks, anti-cellulite massage with honey and essential oils
* Inhalation treatment – with mineral and sea water, with herbs and medications.
* Massage – medical massage, general recreation massage, anti-cellulite massage, relaxation massage, aroma therapy massage.
* Face treatments – 1, 2, 3 and 5 days, special therapy for men.
* Anti-cellulite apparatus and passive muscles gymnastics.
* Pressotherapy and lymph drainage with an apparatus.
* Remedial gym – individual and group gymnastics, underwater gymnastics and fitness.
* Solarium, sauna, steam bath.
* Hairdresser, manicure, pedicure, paraffin therapy for hands and feet.
* Pharmacy.
* Dentist.

The cosmetics center makes use of famous brand-name cosmetics, very popular for their unique effect in eliminating the toxins, recovering body wellness and vitality, firming and tonic effect on skin and on silhouette formation, body shaping and slimming.

Special programs for bust modeling and shaping, hand and hair care with algae, aqueous microelements, minerals and essential oils.

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