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Paintball the game equipment includes: the marker, the small reams, of the protective mask and the clothing.
"Paintballs-commandos" - the game holds itself in a new forest terrain, as the teams familiar with the opening situation of the adversary. It play for opening and elimination of the opponent's base, for a guard of"very important person" Players and worthwhile cargoes or for pins. The opening pack of the appointment for one player: a rifle (a label), the preservative crash - helmet, the protective dresses, the gloves, the radio and the map of the country.
"Paintball-off - road" - the team are held with two, three or four. Each team of 4 players, features a"off-road"-a jeep, a map of the country, a radio. It play for knocking the adversary or for flags. The opening pack of the appointment for one player: a rifle (a marker), the preventive crash - helmet, the protective clothings, the radio and the card to the country.


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