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Yacht Port

    The Yacht port in goldensandsis the most northly point of the resort.

       cordinates: 43° 18’ N - 28° 03’ E

       The seaport is on :
       - 9 Seal miles north of port Varna- East,
       - 8 Seal miles south of port Yacht port Balchic,
       - 3Seal miles south of Albena,
       - 4 Seal miles north of yacht port “Saint Elias ”
       - 25 км. from airport Varna,
       - 135 miles from Bosvora
       - 155 miles from Danube outflow.

      On the yachtportthere is 50 equiped amd 100 unequiped yacht places.



pirs - 1

4,00 м

pirs - 2

3,00 м


quay - 1

4,00 м

quay - 2

2,00 м

quay - 3

2,00 м

quay - 4

3,00 м

quay - 5

3,50 м

quay - 6

3,50 м


slip – north side

2,50 м

unequiped pirs

2,50 м

On the “Golden sands” yacht port you can always expect the best to happen!  We try to do our best to satisfy your needs and wishes! Here you will obtain detailed information on our services! Don’t waste your time! Leave your ordinary life! Enjoy the sea and sun pleasure with us!

+ port map

Yacht picnic – length 8 hours

You will sail on a marvelous yacht from Golden Sands resort to an exotic and empty beach with perfect pure turquoise water. There you will make a step in the past. Picnic on the beach, games and underwater activities are included. Experience an exciting adventure!

Pirate’s party – length 3 hours

This could be one of the most pleasant adventures in Golden sands resort. For you, your friends and children it will be a great experience! Expect many entertainments, accompanied by music, suitable for a pirate’s party! There will be special games for the children to look for a treasure! Don’t miss such an unique opportunity!

Panoramic trip– length 2 hours

Come with us for an afternoon or evening trip to:

  • Riviera – St.St. Constantine & Helena – Evxinograd
  • Golden sands – Kranevo- Albena

Enjoy the magnificent view on board of our yachts! It may be a romantic voyage for you and your boy or girlfriend!

Fishing trip – length 3 hours

Fishing is a wonderful adventure. You may catch fish, swim and sunbathe! All fishing tackles and bait will be provided on board of the yacht! Trust the professional hints of our experienced crew in order to have a great fish-catching day!

Trip to Balchik – length 6 hours


You will see the Botanic Garden and the Palace of the famous Rumanian queen Maria in Balchik! You will sail with an yacht to Balchik and back, and have lunch in a restaurant next to the Botanic Garden. Feel the atmosphere of splendid rare plants!   

Night party – length 2 hours

Spend an unforgettable night on board of a yacht! See the sunset and enjoy the view of Golden sands resort at night! Have a good time with dances and entertainments accompanied by excellent music and drinks ! If you have a special occasion to celebrate this is the right choice for you! 

Drinks are included in the price. Taking photo and video pictures is an option.

You feel bored on the beach ? You need adrenaline? Feel the thrill! You may choose between:

  • Jet ski
  • Banana
  • Parachute
  • Water ski
  • Ringo balloon
  • Others



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